In the top right-hand corner, click your name and select Admin. In the admin index, click on Audit.

The audit trail enables admin users to carry out a security check, by viewing when certain actions were completed, by who and which user was affected.
Filter the audit trail
By action type: The actions that are recorded can be filtered according to their type and include:
  • Group added
  • User activated / invited
  • Conversation members added/removed
  • Whitelist added/removed
  • Admin granted/revoked
  • Group members added/removed
  • Email changed
  • Password reset/changed
  • Takeout request
  • Account created
  • Group auto-archive settings changed
  • Group auto-subscribe changed
  • Template changed

By date: you can display actions that took place at a certain period, by entering dates in “FROM” and “TO”.
By inflicted person: select a person who was affected by the action from the list.

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