In the top right-hand corner, click your name and select Admin. In the admin index click on Locations.

If your is a large organization, users can indicate on what floor they are working, and if it has different offices/sites they can specify their office location (address).
Create new location
You can create a new office by clicking the floating action button at the bottom right of the page. Once clicked, a text area appears alongside the confirm button.
Enter the office name and click the green + button next to the text input box or press ENTER on your keyboard.
Edit existing location
If you want to edit the name of a location, click directly on the location or the pencil icon at the end of the line.
Delete location
If you want to delete a location simply click on the trash icon at the end of the line of the corresponding location. You will then have press ‘OK’ to to confirm that you want to delete the location.