In the top right-hand corner, click your name and select Admin. In the admin index click on Users.

This page looks almost exactly the same as the people directory, but also allows you to view deactivated users, and see if the user is active and/or is an admin.
Add admin users
The creator of the new Team Zeus will be automatically assigned as an administrator. Once the creator has added other users to the application, they can go to the admin panel and add additional administrators from the list of users.
To make a user an admin on Team Zeus, simply click on their profile and press ‘GRANT ADMIN’ to enable admin privileges. For more detailed instructions please visit Person details page.
Revoke administrator
The primary administrator can revoke the admin rights of another. If you are an admin on Team Zeus, go to the admin panel, and click the “USER” button. In the list of users admins will be labelled with “User is an admin” on their profile.

To revoke an administrator, click on the profile of the admin you would like to revoke and click the “REVOKE ADMIN” button.
Deactivate user
When someone leaves the company, you can deactivate their account to ensure that the former employee can no longer access your company’s Team Zeus account.

To deny a user access to the Team Zeus platform, go to the admin panel and press the “USER” button. Then click on the profile of the user and press: “DEACTIVATE USER”.