People directory
To go to the people directory, click on the people directory button located at the bottom of the people panel, or you can use a shortcut by pressing G then P on your keyboard.
Each person in the list have status icon next to his profile picture, the color indicates whether the person is online, away, not available, on vacation or offline. Additional status info might be displayed if the user is on vacation or offline. If the person has filled all information on the edit profile page then you shall see his/her job title and office directly under the name.
If you click on the person, then the user profile modal window will pop-up.

Alongside all of this, when you hover your mouse over the person then 3 icons show up at the end of the line, as you can see it on the picture above.

  • Clicking the message bubble icon will redirect you to chat detail with the given person.
  • Clicking the phone icon will let you choose an application in your computer that will dial the number.
  • Clicking the envelope icon will bring up the application for sending an email.

The people directory contains only people that are active. Deactivated people can be found in the search or in the admin section.
The alphabetical filter couldn't be any easier to use. Click on the letter you want and the view will automatically scroll you down to names beginning with the letter you've clicked on.
Narrow your search down using the group and office filters in the upper right side of the screen, so you can look for somebody with a certain expertise, in a specific department.
The number after each office or group indicates how many people are in the given office or group.
Select the group and/or office you wish and click the filter button, your results will be immediately shown in the people directory. If you wish to remove previously selected filters, just click the show all button.
info_outline Note that offices without members and archived groups are not shown amongst the filter list.